Wireless (WiFi)

WiFi setup

WiFi problems?

We can come to your door, investigate the cause of your WiFi problems and either fix the issue or advise you of a suitable solution.

Common WiFi problems

– slow WiFi on all devices
– wifi slow on one computer only
– your WiFi disconnects randomly or frequently
– low signal strength for no apparent reason

What causes WiFi problems?

WiFi performance can be affected by a range of factors, and they should all be considered when setting up or troubleshooting your WiFi network:

– overlapping frequencies from other, nearby WiFi networks
– Bluetooth devices
– walls in your building (concrete, metal, lead paint)
– transmit power
– using an inappropriate frequency for your situation (2.4 GHz versus 5 GHz)
– WiFi channel width
– outdated firmware on your WiFi router or Access Points
– WiFi adaptor driver on your computer/laptop
– a problem with your computer/laptop/smartphone

WiFi setup near me

WiFi installation

WiFi can be an excellent tool for your home or office, but it has limitations and it can create a security risk if it is not installed correctly and maintained regularly.

We can install WiFi in your home or small business office to enable your wireless devices to communicate: printers, laptop, computers, tablets & mobile phones.

Benefits of WiFi

– save money on wiring costs
– monitor your security cameras anywhere in your home/office
– bypass cabling restrictions in your building
– increased productivity

WiFi security (securing your WiFi)

There are two main components to having secure WiFi:

(1) Proper configuration
(2) Regular maintenance

Both of those components can become an attack vector for people with malicious intent, and so they are both equally important.

Don’t let your WiFi become a security risk to your home or business! Call us today and we can make your home or business safer.

Failing to maintain your WiFi equipment can allow malicious hackers to access your business

Call us today so we can help with your WiFi needs!