Remote computer repair

Internet Help

New Zealand-wide help via the Internet.

If you have an Internet connection and your computer boots up, then we can help fix your computer problem.
You can use any type of Internet connection to get help: mobile data, public WiFi, library, cafe, or use the Internet at a friend’s house.

We’re open 7 days including public holidays, so you don’t need to tolerate your computer issues.

Is online computer repair safe?

Nothing on the Internet is truly safe, but people still use it every day. As with everything in life, we mitigate dangers the best we can, and then we get on with life.
Before you consider giving someone access to your computer, you should ensure that you remain in control of the situation.

  • Ensure you know the person on the other end of the phone call (ask for video chat if you need to)
  • If you’re unsure about what you see then ask the person to explain what they are doing

How does Internet help benefit me?

  • You can get help anywhere
  • More convenient for you (no travel involved, or other logistics issues)
  • Faster service for you

How does it work?

You phone us to book a time.

Our preferred tools for fixing computer issues remotely are:

– TeamViewer (
– AnyDesk (

These tools allow us to share your keyboard, mouse, and screen as though we were physically in front of your computer. We prefer not to use Skype because it impedes certain functions of screen sharing, and it quickly becomes bothersome for both of us.

Have concerns? You’ll be able to see everything we’re doing! If you see anything that you don’t like then you can simply unplug, and we won’t have access to your computer anymore.

Computer Repairs / Wireless (WiFi) / Internet & Email / Printers / Data Recovery / Upgrades / Tune-ups / Virus Removal

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