Data Recovery

Have you lost photos, documents, sound recordings, videos, or any other files that you desperately want back? We use a number of methods to recover files from your external hard drive, USB stick, SD card, computer or laptop.

Data Recovery of USB thumbdrives, office files, laptops, computers

Do you need Data Recovery?

Deleted photo recovery

Deleted / Corrupt Photos

Corrupt office documents

Corrupt Word / Excel documents

How to fix corrupted flash drive without losing data

USB thumbdrives / external drives

Data Recovery: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services do you provide?

~ recovery of corrupt excel files
~ recovery of corrupt word documents
~ recovery of accidentally deleted photos
~ recovery of accidentally deleted files
~ hard drive recovery
~ USB stick recovery

Can you recover corrupt Microsoft Office files (word documents and excel spreadsheets)?

Usually, yes. We may be able to recover all, or part, of a corrupt office document or spreadsheet.

Can you remove passwords from Microsoft Office files (word documents and excel spreadsheets)?

Sometimes. Older versions of office have no encryption, so it’s very easy to bypass passwords. Modern versions of office have complex protection, so it can take a long time to recover the password and it might or might not be feasible to try.

How successful is data recovery?

The success rate of data recovery depends on whether the deleted files have been over-written.
For the best success rate, a computer/laptop/USB stick with deleted files on it should be powered off until data recovery can be performed.

Recovery can sometimes be done on-site, but we may need to take your hard drive off-site, or your hard drive may need to be sent to a specialist data recovery lab for advanced recovery.

How can I recover my deleted files?

If you have files which were accidentally deleted, the first thing you should do is power your computer off. This will prevent data corruption of any deleted files (prevent them from being overwritten).

The data recovery process usually consists of:

  • data recovery utilities/software
  • hard drive removal (your hard drive needs to be removed in order to recover deleted files)

Computer Repairs / Wireless (WiFi) / Internet & Email / Printers / Data Recovery / Upgrades / Tune-ups / Virus Removal

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