How to secure your home WiFi

Want to know how to protect the WiFi in your home or business? If you use these tips to secure your home WiFi from hackers, then you’ll be far ahead of most people. 1. Update your WiFi router firmware Updating your WiFi router is critically important to having a safe WiFi network. 2. Use strong WiFi encryption Always use the most recent encryption standard. Further reading: 3. Use a secure WPA2 passphrase It may seem stupidly obvious, but don’t use a password which is easy for a person to guess! Example: A person might be targeting you personally, at […]

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Unbricking a TP-Link router

When to use this: Your router failed to boot after a firmware upgrade You want to change between regional firmware releases (America/Europe/Asia/Australasia etc) You want to revert back to, or change away from, official TP-Link firmware Your TP-Link firmware upgrade is stuck You need to perform wrong firmware recovery Requirements: Firmware from the TP-Link website A TFTP server which supports logging (this example uses TFTPD32/TFTPD64: Ethernet cable (preferably crossover cable) Computer or laptop The TP-Link router must be on the same LAN segment as your computer Method: Step 1) Download the firmware for your router from the TP-Link website, […]

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