Unbricking a TP-Link router

When this might be helpful: Your router failed to boot after a firmware upgrade You want to change between regional firmware releases (America/Europe/Asia/Australasia etc) You want to revert back to, or change away from, official TP-Link firmware Your TP-Link firmware upgrade is stuck You need to perform wrong firmware recovery Requirements: Firmware from the TP-Link website A TFTP server which supports logging (this example uses TFTPD32/TFTPD64: Ethernet cable (preferably crossover cable) Computer or laptop The TP-Link router must be on the same LAN segment as your computer Method: Download the firmware for your router from the TP-Link website, and […]

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This page is where I list a collection of useful tools which I’ve used before (and some which I still use) to help diagnose and monitor issues. System utilities Windows Linux Microsoft SysinternalsA suite of tools for monitoring processes in real-time (registry reads/writes, TCP/IP port usage, etc), dumping memory of processes, removing NTFS ADS, controlling startup services, and much more! This suite of tools is essential for administering Microsoft Windows. Y – Disk utilities Windows Linux CrystalDiskInfoHard drive diagnostic program. Y – GSmartControlHard drive diagnostic program. Shows information such as: number of reallocated sectors, CRC error count, hard […]

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